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Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave is a tabletop rpg inspired by the history and mythology which surrounds the practice of magic in pre-medieval Scandinavia. 

Players take on the role of a team of practitioners of magic who use their supernatural abilities to investigate Otherworldly disturbances, determine what kind of entity is responsible for them, and appease the entity in whatever way they can before performing a ritual to repair the relationship between this world and the next.

The game includes:

-4 magical specialists to play as, each with 7 unique abilities 

-A bestiary of 10 Otherworldly threats 

-A short guide to portraying the pre-medieval Scandinavian world at the table

-The Season's Houses, a sample scenario 


Fall at Old Uppsala

Garm Bays Loudly

Cover image is "September" by Erik Werenskiold, 1883


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An RPG on Scandinavian mythology, where you play as magical specialists who investigate supernatural disturbances. Apart from the rules, it includes a detailed setting guide and a sample scenario. I love how the game is about investigation rather than combat. There no monsters for the players to slay, and the supernatural beings can only be placated (or sometimes banished).